Happy Weight Series:Improving Body Confidence

Increasing body-confidence and self-esteem. A how-to guide that challenges you to stop the fat talk and start loving your body.

A few month’s ago, we chatted about one of my favorite topics- Happy Weight vs. Idea Body Weight. And while I loved reading your replies and positive affirmations, I am also realistic enough to understand that it’s easier said than done. Accepting your happy weight is a lot easier when you’re happy and a lot harder when… 

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Friday Recipe Round-Up

One of my favorite ways to spend an evening is perusing through Pinterest and foodie blogs. There are so many creative ideas out there! Here are  5 recipes that are inspiring me this week. Sinless Sticky Toffee Pecan Pudding My, oh my, does this look amazing. BL and I are wine tasting tomorrow & I… 

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pumpkin pasta

Pumpkin Fettuccini

Show me someone who doesn’t love fettuccini and I will show you a liar. Or someone with amazing willpower.


Sesame Orange Tofu

I always want to love Chinese food. The few places in the area that serve vegetarian options usually tend to lack the complexity of flavors that is notorious with Chinese food; nothing more than a mix of rice, vegetables, and a sauce. Please girl, I refuse to pay for anything that I can make better… 

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kale and sweet potato soup

Sweet Potato & Spinach Soup

It is officially soup season! The chill in the air is finally, finally here and I am more than ready to break out my soup pot and begin making some fall meals. I cannot believe that it is already November 1st but I am a big fan of celebrating each transition of the seasons. We… 

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